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Unraveling the Enigma: Why is Chris Pratt Mario?

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why is chris pratt mario


In the realm of animated characters, few are as iconic and beloved as Mario, the mustached Italian plumber who has been a staple in the gaming world for decades. However, the recent buzz and speculation revolve around a surprising twist – the casting of Chris Pratt as the voice behind the beloved Nintendo character. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the depths of ‘why is Chris Pratt Mario,’ unraveling the mystery behind this unexpected casting choice.

The Evolution of Mario’s Voice

A Journey Through Time

To understand the significance of Chris Pratt taking on the role of Mario, it’s crucial to trace the evolution of the character’s voice. For years, Charles Martinet lent his voice to the iconic plumber, crafting the endearing tone and catchphrases that have become synonymous with the character. The decision to replace Martinet with Pratt marks a departure from tradition, inviting speculation and curiosity from fans worldwide.

Embracing Change in the Mushroom Kingdom

Change is a constant in the entertainment industry, and Mario’s vocal transition is no exception. The shift from Martinet to Pratt signals a desire to breathe new life into the character while retaining the essence that has endeared Mario to generations of gamers. This bold move by Nintendo prompts the question: What qualities does Chris Pratt bring to the table that make him the chosen voice for Mario? Exploring the ‘why is Chris Pratt Mario’ aspect, we delve into the unique attributes and talents that led to the selection of Chris Pratt to undertake the iconic role of the beloved Nintendo character.

The Chris Pratt Persona

A Versatile Actor

Chris Pratt’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. From his breakthrough role in “Guardians of the Galaxy” to the endearing Andy Dwyer in “Parks and Recreation,” Pratt has showcased his versatility as an actor. This diverse skill set positions him as a suitable candidate to infuse Mario with a fresh and dynamic voice.

A Touch of Humor

One cannot discuss Chris Pratt without acknowledging his impeccable comedic timing. Mario, known for his light-hearted and jovial demeanor, stands to benefit from Pratt’s ability to inject humor into his performances. This fusion of comedic prowess and iconic character traits promises a Mario that not only resonates with longtime fans but also attracts new audiences.

The Nintendo Perspective

Embracing Innovation

Nintendo, a pioneer in the gaming industry, has a history of embracing innovation. The decision to cast Chris Pratt aligns with Nintendo’s ethos of pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. By selecting a Hollywood A-lister, Nintendo aims to elevate Mario beyond the gaming sphere, potentially opening doors to broader entertainment mediums.

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A Global Ambassador

Mario, with his red cap and overalls, is more than just a character – he’s a global phenomenon. Chris Pratt’s international appeal positions him as a suitable ambassador for the beloved plumber. This strategic casting move allows Nintendo to connect with a diverse audience, transcending cultural boundaries. The consideration of ‘why is Chris Pratt Mario’ becomes evident in this global perspective, showcasing how the casting decision aligns with Nintendo’s strategic aim to broaden the reach of the iconic character and foster a deeper connection with fans worldwide.

Addressing the Backlash

Navigating Fan Reactions

Any change to an iconic character is bound to elicit strong reactions, and the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario is no exception. Fans, deeply attached to Charles Martinet’s portrayal, have expressed concerns and reservations. Nintendo faces the challenge of navigating this backlash while assuring fans that the essence of Mario remains intact.

Trusting the Creative Process

As with any creative endeavor, trust in the process is paramount. Nintendo’s decision to cast Chris Pratt signifies a belief in the actor’s ability to honor the legacy of Mario while bringing a fresh perspective. It encourages fans to embrace the forthcoming iteration of their beloved character with an open mind.


In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario stands as a testament to the industry’s capacity for reinvention. As we eagerly anticipate the release of new Mario adventures with Pratt at the helm, it’s essential to approach this change with an open heart and a sense of adventure. The ‘why’ behind Chris Pratt becoming Mario is a multifaceted tale of innovation, versatility, and the relentless pursuit of keeping beloved characters alive for generations to come. So, as we prepare to embark on this new chapter in the Mushroom Kingdom, let us embrace the whimsical journey that awaits, guided by the unmistakable voice of Chris Pratt. The decision to cast Chris Pratt as Mario reflects the industry’s commitment to exploring fresh avenues, answering the question of ‘why is Chris Pratt Mario’ with a narrative woven from elements of creativity, adaptability, and the enduring spirit of beloved characters in the world of entertainment.