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The Stars: Exploring the Cast of Untitled Mario Film

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cast of untitled mario film


Lights, camera, action! The much-anticipated untitled Mario film is creating a buzz in the entertainment industry. As we eagerly await the release, let’s dive into the details of the star-studded cast that will bring our beloved video game characters to life on the big screen. The cast of the untitled Mario film, carefully selected for their talent and star power, is set to redefine our perception of these iconic characters, promising a cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of the gaming world. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with the all-star cast of untitled Mario film.

The Lead Players

Chris Pratt: A-Lister with a Plumbers Cap

In a surprising yet thrilling casting choice, Chris Pratt takes on the iconic role of Mario. Known for his versatile performances in blockbuster hits, Pratt brings charisma and humor that will undoubtedly capture the essence of everyone’s favorite mustached plumber. This pivotal addition to the ‘cast of untitled Mario film’ not only showcases Pratt’s acting prowess but also sets the tone for an ensemble that promises to deliver a fresh and captivating take on the beloved video game characters.

Anya Taylor-Joy: Princess Peach’s Royalty

Stepping into the regal shoes of Princess Peach is the talented Anya Taylor-Joy. With her captivating presence and previous successes in period dramas and psychological thrillers, Taylor-Joy promises to deliver a Peach that is both strong-willed and enchanting.

Supporting Cast Members

Jack Black: The Comic Relief Bowser

Prepare for a comedic twist as Jack Black lends his voice to Bowser, Mario’s perennial nemesis. Black’s comedic genius combined with Bowser’s menacing charm is set to provide the perfect balance of laughter and tension. This dynamic addition to the ‘cast of untitled Mario film’ not only showcases the diverse talent contributing to the project but also raises the excitement levels, promising a Bowser portrayal that will undoubtedly be a highlight in the much-anticipated cinematic adventure.

Keegan-Michael Key: Toad, the Unlikely Hero

In a casting decision that has raised eyebrows in excitement, Keegan-Michael Key takes on the role of Toad. Known for his comedic prowess, Key is expected to infuse a dose of humor into Toad’s character, making him an unexpected yet endearing hero.

Unveiling the CGI Creations

Charles Martinet: The Voice Behind Mario

While Chris Pratt takes on the physical portrayal of Mario, the beloved Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario, will be lending his iconic voice to the CGI version of our favorite plumber. This nostalgic touch ensures that the essence of the character remains true to its roots.

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Behind the Scenes Magic

Director: Aaron Horvath

Guiding this star-studded ensemble is the talented director Aaron Horvath. Known for his work in animated projects, Horvath’s vision promises to blend the nostalgic charm of the game with a fresh cinematic experience. As the captain of the ship for the ‘cast of untitled Mario film,’ Horvath’s expertise ensures that each character is brought to life authentically, contributing to the overall magic that awaits audiences in this highly anticipated Mario cinematic journey.

Screenwriters: Matt Lieberman and Kelly Marcel

The creative minds behind the script are none other than Matt Lieberman and Kelly Marcel. With Lieberman’s experience in family-friendly scripts and Marcel’s success in blockbuster hits, the duo is set to deliver a script that appeals to fans of all ages.

The Buzz on Social Media

With the announcement of the cast, social media platforms erupted with excitement. Fans took to Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to share their thoughts on the unexpected yet intriguing casting choices. Memes, fan art, and discussions flooded the internet, showcasing the immense anticipation for the untitled Mario film.

The Path to Production

Challenges and Triumphs

The journey from video game pixels to the silver screen wasn’t without its challenges. The filmmakers faced the daunting task of translating a beloved 8-bit world into a visually stunning CGI universe. However, with advancements in technology and a dedicated production team, these challenges were overcome, resulting in a project that promises to redefine video game adaptations.


As we eagerly await the untitled Mario film, the anticipation is heightened by the stellar cast and the creative minds behind the project. The blend of seasoned actors, comedic geniuses, and the nostalgic touch of the original voice actor ensures a cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of the gaming world. The carefully curated ‘cast of untitled Mario film’ brings a unique synergy, promising to not only captivate gaming enthusiasts but also draw in a broader audience, setting the stage for an unforgettable cinematic adventure. So, buckle up, grab your controller, and get ready for an epic journey with the untitled Mario film!