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The Lunar Secrets: How Many Moons in Mario Odyssey?

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how many moons in mario odyssey


Welcome to the enchanting world of Mario Odyssey, where the mysteries of the cosmos unfold in a spectacular gaming adventure. One of the intriguing questions that often piques the curiosity of players is, “How many moons in Mario Odyssey?” In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the celestial expanse of Mario’s universe, uncovering the secrets behind the moon count and the significance each moon holds in the gameplay.

The Lunar Odyssey Unveiled

Understanding the Basics

In Mario Odyssey, moons are not just celestial bodies but serve as the primary collectibles that propel the gameplay forward. These moons, scattered across various kingdoms, act as keys unlocking new levels, challenges, and power-ups for our beloved Italian plumber.

The Count Begins

Embarking on this lunar odyssey, players encounter a staggering number of moons to collect. The moon count in Mario Odyssey is an impressive 880 moons. These moons are distributed across different kingdoms, each with its unique challenges and puzzles. From the lush landscapes of the Cascade Kingdom to the bustling metropolis of New Donk City, each location offers a diverse array of moons to discover.

Moon Hunt: Kingdom by Kingdom

Cascade Kingdom – A Glimpse of the Journey

Our lunar adventure kicks off in the Cascade Kingdom, where players are introduced to the moon-collecting frenzy. A myriad of moons awaits discovery amidst the cascading waterfalls and prehistoric landscapes. From defeating colossal bosses to solving intricate puzzles, each moon unveils a new layer of excitement.

Sand Kingdom – A Desert Mirage of Moons

As we traverse the scorching dunes of the Sand Kingdom, the moon count escalates. The vast desert is a treasure trove of moons, hidden beneath the shifting sands and within the labyrinthine ruins. Players must navigate the challenges of the Tostarena village and face off against the enigmatic Broodals to claim their lunar bounty. Amidst the arid expanse, the persistent question lingers: ‘how many moons in Mario Odyssey’ await discovery, concealed within the secrets of this sun-soaked kingdom. Every step unveils new challenges and, with them, the promise of adding to the celestial tally.

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Unraveling the Lunar Challenges

Boss Battles: A Celestial Showdown

Boss battles in Mario Odyssey aren’t just about defeating enemies but are pivotal in securing precious moons. From the towering Mollusque-Lanceur in the Seaside Kingdom to the acrobatic showdowns against the Broodals, each confrontation is a celestial spectacle. Only the victorious can claim the moons that follow these epic battles.

Puzzles and Platforming Galore

The moon count in Mario Odyssey isn’t solely reliant on combat; instead, it introduces a myriad of puzzles and platforming challenges. From manipulating time in the Luncheon Kingdom to navigating the intricate machinery of Bowser’s Kingdom, players must showcase their agility and wit to collect moons. In the vast landscape of Mario Odyssey, the central question persists: ‘how many moons in Mario Odyssey’ can truly be acquired through mastering these diverse challenges?

Beyond the Moon Count: Hidden Moons and Secrets

Darker Side of the Moon

The moon count of 880 doesn’t encapsulate the entirety of the Odyssey’s lunar secrets. Beyond this count, players can unlock additional moons by delving into the enigmatic Darker Side of the Moon. This hidden realm presents a gauntlet of challenges that only the most skilled players can conquer, adding an extra layer of depth to the lunar quest.


In conclusion, the question “how many moons in Mario Odyssey” unravels into a captivating journey through diverse kingdoms, challenging puzzles, and hidden realms. The celestial bodies scattered across Mario’s universe not only serve as collectibles but also as gateways to new adventures. As players continue to explore, the odyssey of moon hunting evolves into an ever-expanding celestial tapestry, inviting them to uncover the secrets of each lunar gem. So, gear up, embark on the odyssey, and let the moon-hunting adventure unfold!